Have you ever wondered about the creative minds that influence the vision and style of BeFrankEffect? Behind every great brand is a tapestry of inspiration created by talented designers.

In the case of Brittani and her brand, the impact of black designers is profound. Let’s explore the incredible designers who have inspired and encouraged Brittani to curate BeFrankEffect.

Inspirational Black Designers

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Hobbs Keckly

Lizzy Keckly, a child enslaved at birth, became a brilliant seamstress and designer. After purchasing her and her son’s freedom in 1855, she moved to Washington, D.C and established a dressmaking business. Keckley’s business grew to include a staff of 20 seamstresses. Her clients were the wives of politicians, one of them being Abraham Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln.

In addition to being a designer,  Keckley also wrote and published an autobiography, Behind the Scenes: Or, Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House.  It was both a slave narrative and a portrait of the first family, especially Mary Todd Lincoln, and it was controversial because of information it disclosed about the Lincolns’ private lives. In an era when societal norms often restricted black voices, Keckly’s words and designs spoke volumes. 

Beyond her skill with needle and thread, Lizzy Keckly was a visionary who believed in the power of fashion to communicate stories and empower individuals. BeFrankEffect echoes this sentiment, embracing fashion as a means of self-expression and empowerment for black women. 

Ann Lowe (First Black Designer)

Ann Lowe, the first black designer to achieve widespread recognition, left an indelible mark on the world of fashion through her exquisite designs and unwavering resilience. As BeFrankEffect strives to redefine fashion with a mission of empowerment, Lowe’s legacy serves as an enduring source of inspiration.

Lowe’s designs, characterized by elegance and sophistication, mirror the values embraced by BeFrankEffect. Through her craft, Ann Lowe communicated stories of strength and beauty. BeFrankEffect, in honoring Lowe’s legacy, continues this tradition by providing a platform for black women to express their individuality and strength through fashion. 

Christopher John Rodgers

Christopher John Rodgers, a visionary in the realm of fashion, brings a dynamic and bold perspective to the canvas of design. Known for pushing the boundaries of conventional design, Rodgers mirrors BeFrankEffect’s commitment to breaking free from the ordinary. The brand draws inspiration from his fearless approach, incorporating elements that celebrate individuality and uniqueness.

Felisha Noel

Fe Noel, a Brooklyn-based womenswear designer, is fueled by a love for travel, vibrant hues, and daring prints. Starting in the industry at just 19, she opened a vintage boutique in Brooklyn, a stepping stone to the creation of her brand, ‘Fe Noel.’ This journey not only birthed a fashion label but also cultivated her passion for empowering women to embrace their femininity. Beyond fashion, Fe Noel has cultivated a community of like-minded women who share a love for culture, travel, and the empowering mantra of “dressing to inspire.”

Aurora James

Aurora James, the founder of the 15 Percent Pledge and her fashion brand, Brother Vellies, has become a powerful force in reshaping the narrative of inclusivity in the fashion industry. Her influence on BeFrankEffect mirrors a commitment to diversity, making it a brand that goes beyond aesthetics.

James’ legacy serves as a guide, urging BeFrankEffect to continue breaking barriers and championing inclusivity.

Wilglory Tanjong – Founder/CEO of Anima Iris

Wilglory Tanjong, the Founder/CEO of Anima Iris, is a trailblazer in championing sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry. Just as BeFrank Effect, Anima Iris pushes the envelope. They encourage their customers to be unafraid, bold, and outspoken. 

Tanjong’s influence on BeFrankEffect is evident in the dedication to environmentally friendly choices. The brand mirrors Anima Iris’ ethos, acknowledging the impact of fashion on the planet and embracing a path that aligns with sustainability.

Black Designers’ Everlasting Impact on BeFrankEffect

The journey of BeFrankEffect isn’t just a story of fashion; it’s a narrative of inspiration drawn from the rich legacy of black designers. From historical figures like Lizzy Keckly and Ann Lowe to contemporary visionaries like Christopher John Rodgers, Felisha Noel, Aurora James, and Wilglory Tanjong, each designer contributes a unique perspective of fashion. As Brittani continues to evolve her brand, the influence of these black designers remains a powerful force, shaping not just fashion but also the narrative of creativity, resilience, and inclusivity.