In the heart of Chicago, Brittani Franklin aka BeFrank, the brains behind BeFrankEffect, is redefining the vintage fashion narrative. A full-time leader, life enthusiast, and straight shooter, Brittani’s journey from a chemistry graduate at Xavier University of Louisiana to a public health advocate has shaped her unique approach to fashion.

BeFrankEffect started as (Ready. Set. Vintage) a hobby in 2016, born out of Brittani’s love for vintage clothing and a commitment to sustainability. Initially, she ventured into buying and selling vintage pieces at local events, aiming to make extra money for personal goals. However, what began as a side gig quickly transformed into something far more significant.

BeFrankEffect has evolved into a brand that goes beyond selling vintage pieces. It has become a go-to for style advice and a pillar of support for women navigating significant life transitions. Brittani’s goal is clear – to provide a safe haven for women to embark on a journey of self-discovery through fashion.

“I’m a strong believer in self-advocacy, and nobody can tell you about you better than you.”

Educating and Empowering

What sets BeFrankEffect apart is its commitment to education. Brittani not only styles and sources for women but also educates them on sustainable fashion. By providing facts and research, she empowers women to make informed choices, contributing to the preservation of the planet by reducing waste and harmful emissions.

She started this brand to create a safe space for women, particularly Black women, to discuss their relationship with clothing and fabrics and how it makes them feel. It’s about owning one’s identity through self-presentation. BeFrankEffect caters to bold, unique, ambitious women who embody the essence of being themselves unapologetically.

 “I remind women to take up space and not shrink themselves, to essentially embrace their AND…”

Vintage Meets Authenticity

As a young girl, Brittani’s creativity was her outlet and fashion was especially her favorite. Fashion allowed her to introduce herself without ever saying a word. That has carried her through college, her career, and even her endeavors with BeFrank Effect. 

“My goal is to instill and cultivate this type of power in women and young girls,” Brittani says. 

If you’re familiar with cause and effect, then you understand that everything happens for a reason and being frank is no different. We understand that it can have some very unexpected outcomes; however, embracing change is the key!

Whether you’re a vintage enthusiast or someone navigating life’s transitions, Brittani welcomes you to a place where fashion is a tool for self empowerment. Step into a space where vintage meets modern, and the BeFrankEffect becomes more than a brand—it becomes a reflection of you. 

As Brittani often says, “Come for the fashion, but stay to Be Frank!”

CAUTION: The side effects of Being Frank, include:

  • Gaining confidence by Believing in yourself and your capabilities (self advocacy) 
  • Showing up as your whole self, no more code switching (authenticity) 
  • Losing “friends” but gaining people who are more aligned with your life’s journey (community)
  • Creating a life of luxury that allows you to pour into others (service)
  • And of course, a more sustainable wardrobe